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The atlas consists of views of the external surfaces of mulatta brains and images of the Nissl-stained histology of three serially sectioned brains.

All of the brains were from adult monkeys, perfused with paraformaldehyde. The brains to be sectioned had electrodes introduced in the frontal, parasagittal or horizontal planes and at known Horsley-Clarke coordinates in order to provide fiduciary marks for alignment, registration and coordinate identification. A grid showing coordinates in mms has been overlain on each section. The coronal atlas is now finalized; the sagittal and horizontal atlases are works in progress. Labeling of structures is the same as in the high resolution images found under the Macaca mulatta datasets. Section numbers are the same as in the high resolution datasets so that sections can be matched for higher resolution viewing.

241 slides, 12.0 um/pixel
Dataset Id: 151
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56 slides, 13.2 um/pixel
Dataset Id: 6
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49 slides, 12.0 um/pixel
Dataset Id: 5
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Dataset Id: 156
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Dataset Id: 157
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