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Entrez Taxonomy
Chlorocebus Aethiops is a type of African green monkey from the family of Old World monkeys. These monkeys are found only in sub-Saharan Africa; their range extends from Senegal and Ethiopia down to South Africa. A small population, which travelled with enslaved Africans as a pet, lives on the Caribbean island of Saint Kitts.

Green monkeys live in large groups, which can consist of some males, many females and their offspring and can be as large as 80 animals. The group hierarchy plays an important role: dominant factor male and females are given priority in the search for food, and they are groomed by subordinate members of the group. While young males must leave their group once they are fully mature, females remain and take on the role of their mothers in their group. These monkeys are territorial animals, and a group can occupy an area of approximately 0.1 to 1 km2. They use a variety of sounds, with which they warn off members of other groups from their territory. Also facial expressions and body posturing serve as additional communication tools.
chlorocebus aethiops, african green monkey